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How We Help the Pulp & Paper Industry

If your manufacturing is facing labor shortages, Strom Engineering offers solutions that allow you to meet your production timeline. We provide custom workforce solutions and contingency planning for the pulp and paper industry, helping to increase production and minimize downtime. With 60 years of experience in labor staffing, Strom Engineering is a reliable source for workforce continuity and manufacturing performance. Our industry expertise expands to:

  • Furniture and wood products manufacturing
  • Forestry and logging
  • Paperboard mills
  • Paper bag and coated and treated paper
  • Newsprint mills
  • Stationery products

Key Projects

Our highly skilled temporary workers have experience in a wide range of industries, providing labor solutions on seasonal or long-term projects. With a national database of over 30,000 employees, Strom provides a flexible workforce quickly and safely.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We very much want to thank you and your team for your responsiveness and professionalism in assisting us with our recent contingency project. We had you staff up with minimal notice and you delivered the promised workers. We very much appreciate the services you provided. Your company was key to our planning and implementation.”

Susan C.
Daily Newspaper

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