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How We Help the Aerospace & Aviation Defense Industry

The aerospace and aviation defense industry has a wide array of complex manufacturing needs. Strom Engineering provides staffing solutions that stabilizes your company’s productivity in a safe and productive manner. Our workforces have met stringent FAA requirements and obtain the technical expertise to complete any job your business requires, which is why the world’s leading defense and aerospace companies rely on us to meet their production timelines. Our industry expertise expands to: 

  • Aircraft, aerospace, space vehicle, and guided-missile manufacturing
  • Propulsion products manufacturing
  • Telemetry

Key Projects

Our national employee database consists of over 30,000 skilled temporary workers. Strom’s workforces consistently decrease downtime and increase profitability. No matter your manufacturing needs, our project planning can staff up or down seamlessly and efficiently to meet your complex production goals. See how we have stabilized the aerospace and aviation defense industry.

Army Fleet Support

Strom deployed licensed A&P mechanics during labor strife to support the military helicopter fleet. Soon after arriving, our workforce was meeting production goals and the Union returned to work a short time later.

Aerospace, Defense & Security Company

Over a 3-year period, among three locations, Strom supplied over 300 employees to build military vehicles when the company was unable to find skilled laborers. 

Large Helicopter Manufacturer

A 3-month strike threatened the productivity of our client, but with the help of 400 of Strom’s skilled temporary workers, operations continued running smoothly while also providing leverage for an equitable contract and fair ratification. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Choosing to work with Strom was the hardest decision I have ever made in business. It has also proved to be my best decision.”

Marc, Global Defense, Security & Aerospace Company

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