Temporary Recruitment Agency

Your Operation Is Only as Good as Your Workers

Strom Engineering’s temporary recruitment agency services provide our partners with the best of the best when it comes to skilled temporary labor.

The core factor of successful contingency plan execution is the temporary workforce. As a leading temporary recruitment agency for 60 years, we are committed to qualifying all employees based upon our clients’ stated requirements.

As a union contract nears its date of expiration, you must respond quickly and effectively by exercising a reserve of bargaining tools that will give your company more leverage in negotiations. Along with keeping up with production deadlines, temporary strike workers provide one of the most effective sources of leverage during contract negotiations.

Strom works as a temporary labor agency, utilizing a multi-step worker recruitment process developed over decades and fine-tuned for assembling a highly mobile workforce. Strom offers a variety of recruiting options, including utilizing our own database as well as job fairs and local, national, and on-site recruiting.

The Strom Process

Step 1: Defining Success

We begin our process by taking a truly client-specific approach, understanding worker descriptions and requirements to meet your specific needs. Our temporary work recruiters then scour our existing database of experienced employees for candidates with the skills and abilities to benefit your company. We screen calls and resumes received from employment ads we place when necessary in order to supplement and build our database.

Step 2: Interviews

After conducting initial interviews and verifying references, we conduct second interviews with appropriate candidates after reviewing project-relevant work history and relevant qualifications and certifications.

Step 3: Candidate Verification

When our list of final candidates is complete, we make job offers, releasing project information as desired by our client. We then conduct a series of checks:

  • Client-specific background checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • DOT background checks
  • Execute additional client-specific requirements
  • Verify Work History
  • Reference Checks

Step 4: Conditional Job Offer and Predeployment

During this final step, the candidate receives a conditional job offer that is dependent upon the results of a pre-employment drug screen and the completion of various other requirements that may be mandated by the government or site-specific programs.

To meet these eligibility requirements, we offer customizable options that include but are not limited to:

  • Working with clients to complete any necessary advance training
  • Performing on-site job shadowing
  • Obtaining any necessary licensure or certification

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Strom made me look good. This work stoppage came up very quickly, and they were able to turn around on a dime and get the replacements in within two days. Our local facility was initially quite resistant to bringing in “outsiders,” as they may not “fit in” from a cultural standpoint. This concern quickly evaporated and the general manager observed that, in many instances, the Strom employees were superior to (the union) workforce. Because we were able to ramp up quickly on production and quality, it sent the right signals to both customers and employees.”

– Wayne | Machine Manufacturing

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