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How We Help the Mining Industry

Strom Engineering provides staffing solutions and contingency planning that will keep your company meeting production timelines. With over 60 years of experience, we quickly provide temporary workers who have a wide range of mining experience. Whether your project is long-term, seasonal, or contingent, our highly skilled workforce minimizes downtime and increases profitability. Our industry expertise extends to manufacturing for:

  • Nonmetallic mineral products manufacturing

Key Projects

If your heavy equipment company is facing labor challenges, Strom deploys highly skilled temporary workers who allow you to meet your production timelines. Our efforts have transformed production for a wide array of businesses. See how we have made a difference in the mining industry:

Mining Company

During a labor dispute, Strom deployed a team of highly skilled maintenance personnel, heavy equipment operators, production personnel and welders for metal mining and smelting operations. Our efforts continued and for several months we deployed hundreds of workers who worked and produced well above the established standards until an equitable contract was ratified.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The staff at Strom provided great support during our contract negotiations. Strom staff visited our operation multiple times to understand the process and needs in the event of a work stoppage. At the same time, Strom staff educated our management team on the NLRA issues related to the negotiating process. I felt that we were ready to continue operation of the facility in the event of a labor strike. The preparation gave the negotiating team the confidence to successfully work through several difficult issues during the contract negotiations. Strom’s partnership played a significant role in that confidence.”

Bob R.
Mining Company

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