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How We Help the Warehouse & Logistics Industry

With thousands of successful deployments of temporary workforces, Strom provides staffing services and contingency planning on projects of all kinds. If your warehouse and logistics company is facing labor shortages or disruptions, Strom Engineering offers workforce solutions that stabilize your manufacturing business. Our temporary workers are highly skilled individuals with extensive experience. Our industry expertise makes us the labor vendor of choice for: 

  • Distribution centers
  • Cross-docking
  • OTR trucking
  • Route drivers
  • Merchandising

Key Projects

Our nationwide network of experienced workers is one of our best assets as a warehouse and logistics recruitment agency. With broad skills that meet the needs of our diverse clientele, our temporary workers are there to meet delivery times while increasing quality and productivity. See how our success stabilized output for distinguished warehouse and logistics companies.

East Coast Grocery Chain

When an east coast grocery store chain was anticipating a labor dispute, Strom assisted in the planning of a large scale distribution operation. Our efforts extended to all facets of operations including a review of logistics, security, and staffing.

Prior to engaging Strom, this client had unsuccessfully attempted to develop a number of strike contingency plans. They now credit Strom as the differentiating factor in this project’s success.


When one of the nation’s largest truck manufacturers was recently threatened with a strike, Strom not only provided manufacturing personnel at plants during the labor disruption, but also secured, staffed, and operated multiple cross-docks across North America to handle the load from our client’s picketed parts distribution centers. Due to Strom’s complete knowledge of handling logistics during a labor disruption, customers continued to be seamlessly supplied with spare parts, and operations continued to receive inventory. 

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