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Strike Staffing

A Proactive Approach to Contingent Workforce Staffing

If your business is facing a potential labor disruption, we can help you minimize the possible repercussions with our contingent workforce staffing process. Strom offers a five-phase approach for providing strike staffing during a labor disruption situation: assessments, recruiting, predeployment, deployment, and disbandment.

When you utilize our comprehensive contingent workforce staffing services, we will determine your business’s unique needs, locate and accommodate qualified strike workers, provide options for transportation across picket lines, and follow the appropriate protocol for strike replacement worker disbandment after a new labor contract has been approved. Strom offers unparalleled labor dispute staffing experience to develop comprehensive strike contingency plans, custom-tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Strom Contingent Workforce Staffing Services

Workplace Safety & Compliance

The safety of your organization, assets, employees, and Strom temporary workers is one of our top priorities. Contact us to learn more about our approach to safety and the role it plays in everything we do.


Strike Security

The safety of a company’s management and workers is our top priority during a labor disruption. Implement effective yet practical security measures.

Although we are not a security provider, we offer expertise in the selection of a security partner. We work with the best third-party security providers to ensure we meet your unique strike security needs. We offer candid feedback on security plans as well as supervise the security provider to help ensure that our clients obtain maximum value from their security vendor and receive adequate levels of protection.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As this was our first experience with a work stoppage, Strom was very sensitive to our needs and concerns. Strom had an on-site supervisor to handle all record keeping and address our concerns and requirements directly with our supervisors, and this was a tremendous asset.”


Are You Prepared for a Labor Disruption?

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