Jim Corrigan


Jim has been with Strom for over 15 years. He is responsible for all the activities within all divisions of Strom. Since 2004, Jim has had direct client and project responsibility over an array of assessments, deployments, and consulting projects in the areas of manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, chemical manufacturing, government, quasi-government, education, health care services, utilities, mining, and heavy industries. Jim and his team have managed hundreds of successful studies, projects, and deployments. Jim is also a member of the Strom Board of Directors.

Tim Lund

CFO, General Counsel

Tim is a CPA and has been with Strom for 22 years, serving as the business’s internal counsel. Tim is responsible for all financial reporting and legal oversight for all Strom.

Jason Hans

Senior VP and General Manager

Jason has been with Strom for over 20 years and was promoted to Vice President in 2006. Jason leads the Field Operations team, which is responsible for all “on the ground” contact with clients. He has led the assessment portion of studies and projects for nearly 500 clients and, with his array of engineering and client-specific experiences, there is little Jason has not seen during an assessment.

Ryan Bash

COO Strom Consulting, VP Strom Engineering

With Strom since 2005, Ryan oversees the strategic planning, scope definition, and cost analysis of projects. Over 15 years experience in labor contingency planning working with 100+ clients has given Ryan considerable insight into planning, negotiation, and communication strategies.

Gary Greenburg

National Director of Safety and Compliance

Gary has been with Strom for over 10 years, and previously served in the Navy. As the National Director of Safety and Compliance, Gary is involved onsite and behind the scenes of every assessment and labor study. He analyzes individual tasks with an eye on safety and training, and is responsible for assuring the proper licensing, drug testing, background checking, and related items for all field employees who work on our clients’ sites. Gary and his team are responsible for developing and delivering the right training to employees who work for our clients who utilize our contract engineering services and managed workforces.

Shannon Groth

VP of Sales

Shannon has been with Strom since 2007 and is responsible for the leadership of sales team, sales growth, and client relations. Working with clients and understanding their needs, whether it is for potential labor strife, attrition issues or providing quality skilled temporary labor to complete operational goals.