Strom Engineering’s proven approach to planning for, recruiting, and managing a temporary replacement workforce enables our clients to approach labor negotiations with the security of knowing a customized and effective Business Continuity Plan is in place.

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Analyze Client Objectives

  • Establish expectations and needs for maintaining “normal” operations.
  • Address logistics issues and safety concerns.
  • Define unique employee skillsets

Business Continuity Planning

  • Technical writing & process documentation
  • Logistics planning & new plant startup

Recruiting & Pre-Deployment

  • Nation-wide recruitment & pre-screening
  • Skill verification & background check
  • Off-site training & certification
  • Workforce transportation


  • Project specific orientation & training
  • Workforce management: Project Manager & on-site Coordinators

On-Site & Safety Management

  • First Responder – American College of Emergency Physicians and American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Project Completion

  • Coordinated workforce departure
  • Completion & transfer of work in progress
  • Prepare for return of union workforce
  • Determine lean operation capabilities
  • Evaluation

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