How We Help the Newspaper Industry

The demand in the printing industry doesn’t stop, so make sure your workforce doesn’t either. Strom Engineering has over 60 years of experience providing skilled staff around the nation. We quickly and safely deploy our workers who work to stabilize your manufacturing and speed up distribution. Our industry expertise expands to:

  • Newspaper circulation
  • Newspaper printing
  • News reporting, editing, and photography

If your newspaper company is facing labor shortages or labor negotiations, leverage your position with a highly-skilled temporary workforce. Strom Engineering’s database of over 30,000 employees expands nationwide, adapting to long-term and short-term projects of all kinds. From minimizing downtime to increasing profitability, your company is sure to benefit from our highly skilled workforce. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We very much want to thank you and your team for your responsiveness and professionalism in assisting us with our recent contingency project. We had your staff up with minimal notice and you delivered the promised workers. We very much appreciate the services you provided. Your company was key to our planning and implementation.”

Susan, Newspaper Distributor

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