We Know Temporary Industrial Staffing for Automotive Manufacturers

Strom Engineering got its start as an automotive recruitment agency when a Fortune 100 company relied on our temporary industrial staffing services to continue production during a tumultuous workforce stoppage.

We continue to operate as an automotive recruitment agency with a nationwide network of labor consisting of workers with the experience to match the diverse needs of our clientele. This allows us to fill skilled industrial jobs quickly and without the need for a robust onboarding process so you can deliver on your production timelines. Here are examples of when our automotive industrial strike staffing was put to the test.

Tire and Rubber Manufacturer

One of the “Top 5” largest domestic tire manufacturers the U.S. achieved net sales of over $1 billion, for the first time ever, during a 3-month lockout of 1,050 USW members. Strom Engineering helped our client plan for their union contract negotiations. When the lockout was announced, Strom deployed the temporary workforce to keep operations running. Our client’s new contract will enhance the competitiveness of their plant through improvements in productivity.

Engine Manufacturer

After a large engine assembly facility went on strike, Strom provided all temporary replacement personnel. Output and quality both increased while Strom personnel operated the plant.

Truck and Tractor Body Manufacturer

Strom launched a successful deployment of 85 highly skilled welders, who worked on aluminum, stainless steel, and both hot and cold rolled steel for a project that lasted 15 weeks. Operations continued throughout the project with little or no disruption.

Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Strom increased overall time savings at our client’s facility by 67% Tasks taking our client’s bargaining unit 35 minutes to complete were accomplished in 12 minutes by Strom workers.

Strom performed with a 0% defective rate. Our client found it necessary to purchase additional air compressors due to the exceptional work ethic of Strom’s employees.

Tire Manufacturer

Strom operated nine struck facilities performing all aspects of tire building including providing maintenance personnel. Our workforce successfully operated for 14 weeks, providing leverage in obtaining a reasonable contract.

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