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The aerospace industry is a complex, highly technical field. When you’re faced with a labor shortage, you need an aerospace recruitment agency you can rely on to deliver the right replacement workforce. You need Strom Engineering. Our workforces have met stringent FAA requirements and have the technical expertise to complete the complex jobs your business requires, which is why the world’s leading defense and aerospace companies rely on us to get the job done right. Below are examples of how our aerospace recruitment agency can help you.

Airplane Manufacturer

Involved in multiple projects requiring significant planning to achieve desired results. Strom has supplied CDL drivers and logistic support as well as FAA designated engineering representatives.

Aerospace, Defense and Security Company

Strom deployed over 300 employees over a 3-year period to build military vehicles when the company couldn’t find skilled workers in their area. Strom Engineering had a presence at three different locations.


Strom deployed thousands of FAA certified mechanics, to replace the striking bargaining unit. The replacement workforce was pre-deployed and successfully trained in fleet familiarization months in advance of contract expiration; these classes were audited by FAA inspectors. In large part due to the skillset of our workforce and the training they received during pre-deployment, on-time departures remained at normal levels overall and actually improved in many instances.

Large Helicopter Manufacturer

Strom provided over 400 skilled temporary workers during a 3-month strike that allowed our client to keep operations running providing leverage and allowing them to ratify a fair and equitable contract.

Army Fleet Support

Strom deployed licensed A&P mechanics during labor strife to support the military helicopter fleet. Soon after arriving, our workforce was meeting production goals, the Union returned to work a short time later.

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