Honeywell and the union representing workers at its aerospace plant in South Bend, Indiana continue to seek a resolution to a labor lockout that began in early May. The company has yet to reach a new contract with United Auto Workers Local 9 on a new 5-year contract, partly based over a disagreement concerning health care costs, according to a report from the South Bend Tribune.

In the meantime, the plant, which manufactures wheels and brakes for airplanes, has relied on both salaried and temporary employees to continue functioning.

Honeywell VP of Integrated Supply Chain Michael R. Madsen applauded the temporary and salaried employees in a statement, remarking, “You have continued to meet customer commitments and, in many areas, have achieved production levels higher than before the work stoppage.”

Locked out employees will be able to return to work once a new contract is finalized, Honeywell has emphasized.