A Proactive Approach to Strike Staffing

If your business is facing a potential labor disruption, we can help you minimize the possible repercussions. Strom offers a five-phase approach for providing strike replacement staffing during a labor disruption situation: assessments, recruiting, pre-deployment, deployment, and disbandment. When you utilize our comprehensive industrial strike staffing services, we will determine your business’s unique needs, locate, accommodate, and train qualified workers, secure safe transportation across picket lines, and follow the appropriate protocol for strike staffing disbandment after a new labor contract has been approved. Strom offers unparalleled experience developing comprehensive business continuity plans, custom-tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

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Step 1: Assessments

Strom begins each project by performing a client-guided operational assessment of potentially affected facilities, which includes establishing an understanding of your business’s unique processes, procedures, culture, and history. We then develop an efficient and feasible staffing plan by further examining your material flow, labor distribution, production quotas, and other critical factors.

Step 2: Recruiting

The Strom recruiting process begins with defining client-specific job descriptions and work requirements. We search our 30,000+ employee database to identify Strom employees with project-relevant experience, and then screen calls and resumes received from employment ads we placed, if necessary. Strom recruiting options include existing database recruiting, local recruiting, national recruiting, on-site recruiting, and job fairs.

Step 3: Pre-Deployment

Strom’s extensive manufacturing strike staffing services eliminate the lead-time generally associated with the activation of temporary replacement workers. If your company is anticipating a work stoppage, production demands and supply contracts must still be met with the high standards with which your company has established its reputation. In order to preserve vendor trust and customer satisfaction, it is often necessary to make sure a labor disruption doesn’t mean an immediate decrease in production. Business continuity is important to every organization, and this phase will clearly demonstrate to union leaders that direct action is being taken to make sure all company obligations are met without exception.

Step 4: Deployment

The Strom team has deployed temporary workers into strike or lock-out situations hundreds of times. This experience has defined Strom’s current, industry-leading methodologies surrounding strike planning and execution, contingent staffing, orientation and training, workforce management and performance, and all necessary logistics.

  • Workforce Deployment – organization of driving schedules, departures, arrivals, housing, local transportation, and local orientation
  • Orientation & Training – employee registration, confidentiality agreement execution, required testing, identification procedures, and job-specific standards, procedure training, and orientation
  • Workforce Management – employ highly qualified onsite mangers and coordinators to ensure production runs as smoothly as possible and continues to meet your high production levels
  • Performance Standards – clearly establish the proper standards for productivity, performance, quality, and efficiency

Step 5: Disbandment

With the same attention to detail given to deployment, Strom executes a quick and efficient disbandment of contingent personnel upon the union’s return. It is important to quickly and efficiently return to normal operations with permanent employees following the settlement of a labor dispute. Disbandment is rapidly and professionally coordinated by Strom with special attention given to minimizing the impact Strom’s previous presence could have on the returning union workforce.

  • Workforce Phase Out – project-by-project assessment of each department to determine the readiness for a hand-off to permanent personnel
  • Follow-up Evaluation – evaluation of the entire project in order to update your company’s business continuity plan and recommend any adjustments to your current operations to increase efficiency and production rates

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