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How We Help the Industrial Equipment Industry

Meet your production deadlines amidst a labor disruption with temporary workforce solutions from Strom Engineering the stabilize your business. With over 1,000 successful deployments of temporary workforces, we provide skilled staff for projects of all kinds, including strike, seasonal, and long-term requirements. Strom’s contingency planning services for the industrial equipment industry allow you to make sure that your business is prepared for any unforeseen labor interruption while increasing output and decreasing downtime. Our industry expertise expands to: 

  • HVAC and commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing
  • Pump and compressor manufacturing
  • Elevators, conveyors, cranes, and warehouse equipment
  • Heavy Equipment manufacturing
  • Welding
  • Providing overhead crane operators

Key Projects

Strom promptly deploys skilled temporary workers to facilities all over the nation. With 60 years of experience in labor staffing and 30 years of providing contingent staffing solutions, our ability to supply workforce solutions in a safe and proactive manner differentiates us from traditional staffing companies. From seasonal to long-term projects, Strom’s temporary workers are adaptable and equipped with extensive industry-specific experience. See how we have provided the industrial equipment industry with the workforces needed to stabilize production output.

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

During a United Auto Workers (UAW) strike, Strom employees set numerous quality and production records at this client’s facility. So much so that the client’s confidence in Strom prompted the launch of a new product line. 

Strom significantly exceeded expected product output at previously unheard-of quality ratings. Strom’s planning and support successfully helped to avoid a work stoppage at other client locations. This client effectively utilized Strom’s successful performance during a previous strike as negotiating leverage.

Agricultural Equipment Parts Distribution Center

Using approximately 60% of the personnel ordinarily doing the work, Strom responded quickly to a busy springtime season at an agricultural equipment parts distribution center. By managing and staffing a cold restart of the largest parts distribution center in the client’s company, Strom maximized labor capacity and cut labor costs. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I feel yesterday’s ratification of our Fargo location was in large part due to Strom’s preparations to operate our facilities had the union gone on strike. We successfully leveraged the plan at the bargaining table and reached a desirable agreement that was recommended by the union leadership and ratified the next day by rank and file.”

Larry H., Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

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