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How We Help the Heavy Equipment Industry

With 60 years of experience in providing skilled staff, Strom Engineering utilizes proven strategies to keep your business stabilized and operating. Strom provides temporary employees who have experience in heavy equipment manufacturing and operation. From seasonal projects to long-term ones, Strom covers a diverse range of clientele with an adaptable workforce. Here are some of the industries we have extensive experience with:

  • Agricultural equipment manufacturing
  • Construction equipment manufacturing
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing


Key Projects

If your heavy equipment company is facing labor shortages, Strom deploys highly skilled workforces who allow you to meet your production timelines. From minimizing downtime to increasing profitability, your company is sure to benefit from our highly skilled workforce. See what we have already accomplished in the heavy equipment industry:

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

During the UAW strike of one of our client’s agricultural equipment plants, Strom’s temporary workforce helped launch a new product line. While successfully navigating the challenges of continuing operations during a work stoppage, our client effectively leveraged the performance of a Strom workforce. Allowing them to achieve their desired result during contract negotiations.

Agricultural Equipment Parts Distribution Center

Operating with a workforce that was equal to 60% of the bargaining unit; Strom helped one client restart their largest parts distribution center during their busiest time, at the peak of the spring season.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“Strom not only provided the promised services, they over-delivered. Pricing was competitive with other firms considered in the top tier. Strom made me look good. This work stoppage came up very quickly, and they were able to turn around on a dime and get the replacements within two days. Our local facility was initially quite resistant to bringing in “outsiders,” as they may not “fit in” from a cultural standpoint. This concern quickly evaporated and the general manager observed that, in many instances, the Strom employees were superior to (the union) workforce. Because we were able to ramp up quickly on production and quality, it sent the right signals to both customers and employees.”

Wayne, Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

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