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Industrial + Manufacturing Consulting Services

Take Control with Industrial and Manufacturing Consulting Services

Rely on Strom’s experienced team of consultants to guide your contingency planning efforts and ensure preparedness for any potential labor disruption and related issues. Our comprehensive contingency planning services include process documentation, staff training, logistics, security options, and more.


Strom Consulting Offerings

Start Ups, Shutdowns, and Relocations

Strom provides planning and project management associated with manpower services to meet your industrial start up, shut down, or relocation needs. Strom can provide personnel to assist with:

  • Responding to workforce attrition after closure announcements
  • Equipment/machinery moving, including disconnect, rigging, packaging, crating, and shipping
  • Equipment/machinery connections, setup, and testing
  • Facilities preparation/setup and facilities maintenance, mock and initial production runs
  • Production and maintenance manpower, including supplemental or full workforce for production pre-shut down or upon start up, bargaining unit mitigation in your new location

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Industrial Documentation Services

Accurate, detailed facility documentation is essential for any commercial/industrial company. At Strom Engineering, we have the ability to fully document your facility and equipment, providing you with a drawing package in both physical and digital media.

Manufacturing documentation services provided:

  • Job Aids
  • Work Instructions
  • Process Documentation
  • Efficiency Review

Additional services include:

  • Site and floor plans
  • Equipment layouts
  • Electrical schematic drafting
  • Process piping schematics
  • Material handling schematics
  • Air handling schematics
  • Drafting

Learn more about Strom’s documentation services.

Strom Services

Documentation Services

From your facility documentation to consolidating drafts and other materials, our documentation services ensure that your business will never lose track of important information. See how we can ensure consistency no matter what happens.

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Salaried Training

Strom’s extensive salaried training ensures that all salaried staff members maintain proper conduct with union members and provides insight into operating safely and efficiently with a Strom Temporary Workforce. Learn more about our training services.

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Playbook Development

A detailed business playbook not only gives you peace of mind, but also prepares you to start mitigating the difficult situations that are most common in your industry. Learn more about getting a plan designed specifically around your needs.

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Plant Shutdowns and Startups

Strom offers more than traditional staffing — we can get your business prepared for startups and shutdowns as well. If there is no time for downtime, talk to the experts at Strom.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have successfully reached an agreement with our union. I want to thank you and your team for the way you worked with us throughout the process and helped us prepare for the potential of a different outcome. The confidence we had in your abilities allowed us to aggressively pursue this agreement. Thanks for your help!”

– Shawn | Consumer Products

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