Mining Company

Strom deployed highly skilled maintenance personnel, welders, heavy equipment operators, and production personnel to the client’s metal mining and smelting operations during a labor dispute. Strom deployed several hundred workers, in the most arduous conditions, who worked and produced well above the established standards.

This project continued until a contract was ratified and for several months beyond, due to a shortage of returning workers. Our client successfully leveraged our services to obtain an equitable contract ratification.

Steel Company

Strom set a production record on our client’s hot-dip galvanizing line, which has been unmatched in the 49-year history of operation. Our client’s net sales for 2006 were a record $6.7 billion on shipments of 6,168,600 tons. Strom employees were operating the client’s largest facility 10 out of 12 months during this record year.

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