Fulfill Your Temporary Manufacturing Staffing Needs

Your manufacturing business relies on keeping the production lines moving. Strom is a first-class manufacturing recruitment agency that fulfills your staffing needs. We recruit nationally and only hire the best workers available for skilled manufacturing employment. Local hiring issues will not impact your temporary workforce. From startups to shutdowns, we can back your business with the confidence to handle any temporary manufacturing staffing situation that comes your way.

Vinyl Manufacturer

Strom achieved normal, planned production on the ninth day of the strike using a labor force that numbered half that of the union.

Productivity peaked at 262% in the following weeks, with a defect rate of 0%.

Clothing Manufacturer and Distributor

When our client, a national clothing manufacturer and distributor, experienced an overwhelming increase in demand, they called us. Strom deployed a managed workforce of 100+ workers for 3-4 months to keep operations and systems running at four distribution centers, using local and national temporary labor.

Food Manufacturer

Strom provided over 200 personnel to keep operations running during a 4-month strike. Strom Project Managers and Coordinators participated in several planning sessions throughout the course of the strike, working with the company leadership to identify the right talent in a complex operational environment.

Plastics Manufacturer

Strom operated at 100% with a workforce half the size of the striking bargaining unit.

Strom operated a second facility at a planned 60% production with 19% of the striking bargaining unit.

Container Manufacturer

Strom supplied a managed workforce on short notice, in order to run facilities for new management after experiencing labor issues at a newly purchased facility. Strom reached operational goals and rapidly transitioned workforce to local employees.

Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

Strom employees set numerous quality and production records at our client’s operations. Our client’s confidence in Strom prompted the launch of a new product line during the UAW strike. Strom significantly exceeded expected product output at previously unheard-of quality ratings.

Strom’s planning and support successfully helped to avoid a work stoppage at other client locations. Our client effectively utilized Strom’s successful performance during a previous strike as negotiating leverage.

Agricultural Equipment Parts Distribution Center

Strom managed and staffed a cold restart of the largest parts distribution center in the client’s company. Strom ramped up quickly in response to the busy springtime season, using approximately 60% of the personnel ordinarily doing the work.

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