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Strom Engineering is your answer when a threat of a work stoppage arises at the warehouse or on the road. Our logistic recruitment agency can help keep your distribution centers staffed with a skilled and reliable logistics workforce. Shipping and delivering are the cornerstones of your business and your partners rely on you to produce. Our logistic recruitment agency will help you keep operations running so you can be trusted in the eyes of your stakeholders.

East Coast Grocery Chain

Strom assisted in planning for a large scale distribution operation anticipating a labor dispute. Strom helped with all facets of operations including a review of logistics, security, and staffing.

Prior to engaging Strom, this client had unsuccessfully attempted to develop a number of strike contingency plans. This client credits Strom as the differentiating factor in this project’s success.


When one of the nation’s largest truck manufacturers was recently threatened with a strike, Strom not only provided manufacturing personnel at plants during the labor disruption, but also secured, staffed, and operated multiple cross-docks across North America to handle the load from our client’s picketed parts distribution centers. Customers continued to be seamlessly supplied with spare parts, and operations continued to receive inventory due to Strom’s complete knowledge of handling logistics during a labor disruption. About 75% of our clients utilize our cross-dock planning and operations.

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