Strike Security

To ensure the safety of a company’s management and workers during a labor disruption, it is important for companies to implement effective yet practical security measures.

This is where Strom’s third-party strike security services can make a huge impact in the event of a labor disruption. Although we are not a security provider, we offer expertise in assisting with the selection of an appropriate security partner – most of with whom we have significant professional experience. We work with the best third party security providers in the country to ensure we meet your unique strike security needs. We will review and offer candid feedback on security plans as well as supervise the security provider to help ensure that our clients obtain maximum value from their security vendor and receive adequate levels of protection.

As a first step to reviewing the security plan, Strom would meet with the company to discuss needs and options. Then, we would deploy an operations team to conduct security assessments of the potentially effected facility and areas. To learn more about our third-party labor disruption security services contact Strom today.

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