Playbook Development

Strom is an industry-leading creator of strike contingency Playbooks. Playbooks are designed to help train and prepare managers for possible labor disruptions. Strom Engineering develops these tools to the level of detail determined appropriate for your specific business and can structure the playbooks to be informational as well as procedural, depending upon your organizations unique goals. In addition, the business continuity procedures of Strom Engineering playbooks provide direct application to other continuity plans relating to avian flu, natural disasters, and the like.

Strom will collaborate with you to meet the needs of your organization: we can develop one Playbook for all managers, or specific playbooks for an assortment of requirements. Our Playbooks ensure each key member of your organization understands their specific roles, responsibilities, and procedures should a crisis occur. To ensure that your business is fully prepared, contact Strom to develop a comprehensive strike contingency plan crafted to meet your organizations’ specific requirements and needs.

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