Management Training

Strom’s Management Training provides salaried personnel with the knowledge of how to conduct themselves and communicate with the hourly workforce before, during, and after a union strike, lock-out, or a union organizing campaign. Strom’s training programs are custom tailored to meet each client’s needs, including responding to union tactics, minimizing Unfair Labor Practice charges during labor negotiations, preparing for the return of the union workforce, and union avoidance training for non-represented sites. This comprehensive program addresses both typical and uncommon labor union strategies and tactics and helps ensure that salaried personnel conduct themselves in a proper and legal manner.

Training sessions are conducted in interactive, live group settings, which offer an opportunity for management to raise questions and concerns as well as share ideas. The result is a management team that is confident and prepared for labor disruption challenges – and one that is far less likely to engage in an unfair labor practice.

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