In the unfortunate event a walkout does occur, Strom provides the means to meet demanding production standards and contractual obligations. Normally, both sides are mutually dependent on one another, a situation which can lead to drawn-out and costly battles between your company and well-organized unions. A Strom temporary workforce provides valuable leverage at the bargaining table and more control over the future of your company.

The following steps are crucial components of Strom’s Deployment Plan:


Strom has the experience and capacity to mobilize and manage thousands of temporary employees. Strom’s deployment process is streamlined by detailed logistics planning for each mobilized employee. Strom organizes driving schedules, departures, arrivals, housing, local transportation, and local orientation schedules for all employees.


As organized groups of temporary personnel arrive at specified meeting locations, Strom staff immediately begin employee registration, confidentiality agreement execution, required testing, identification procedures, and job-specific standards and procedures training and orientation. Personnel can be oriented with the facilities and management before starting work to ensure compliance with company expectations.


Strom does far more than simply supply workers. Many of our employees have worked with us for years, and we know their strengths and abilities, just as you are familiar with your own company’s employees. Proper management is essential to efficient business operations. Strom views intensive on-site management as an obligation to both its clients and employees as well as to the success of the operation, which is why Strom employs highly qualified on-site managers and coordinators. Our on-site managers ensure production runs as smoothly as possible and maintain the high level of production standards your company demands.

Given our emphasis on safety, all Strom on-site managers are certified Healthcare Providers and First Responders. Strom managers are always available to deal with any issues that may arise with temporary personnel. They work alongside your company’s management team to resolve any issues and make necessary adjustments to the Contingency Plan.


Strom prides itself on the efficiency of its temporary workforces, and meeting your company’s performance standards is a Strom priority. Storm enforces the highest possible production expectations of our employees. Strom will work with your company to construct feasible performance standards that will be flexible to the ongoing needs of your company. Clearly stated standards are one of the most effective methods of holding employees accountable for their performance levels.

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