Local versus National Workforce – Know the Difference

The difference between hiring temporary workers from your local labor pool and a national workforce is an important consideration, especially during a labor disruption or other crisis situation. Choosing a national workforce for temporary job replacement eliminates many issues that would arise with hiring local workers. For example, national temporary replacement workers are:

  • Known commodities with proven skills – many have worked for Strom in this capacity for 5, 10, or even 15 years
  • Disinterested in local worker issues
  • Well-disciplined and used to working in a less than desirable environment
  • Drug-tested, background checked, with certifications, licensing, and related documentation verified
  • Focused and productive

From our experience, here are the main points of difference:

Local workforce

Potential family conflict and job performance – Many local job replacement candidates live in, or grew up in, the area affected by the labor disruption and could potentially have family or friends affected by the work stoppage, which can lead to a negative atmosphere in the community, especially if a family member or friend is involved. Recruiting from Strom’s national database of candidates removes this potential problem. It is also much more likely that workers will be pulled away for personal matters when they have family close by, which might negatively affect attendance or performance.

Lack of resources and industry-specific experience – With the inevitable lack of resources using a small pool of local candidates, the speed at which the replacement workers can be recruited, deployed and available for an unexpected work stoppage, decreases, as opposed to using Strom’s national database of candidates. Additionally, it is much more difficult to find local workers with not only the appropriate job qualifications, but the industry-specific work experience your company needs. Strom’s workers have experience in a wide variety of industries and job classifications.

Stressful to company management – It is crucial that management has familiarity with workers’ work habits and personalities. When working with Strom Engineering, management can work with Strom Field Supervisors who manage the replacement workforce directly. This enables an easier transition for company personnel to cope with new work habits and personalities.

National workforce

Strom utilizes a national database of 25,000 – Choosing a national workforce eliminates many issues that come from local temporary workers. Strom has access to 25,000 skilled and industry-specific experienced workers. These workers are able to hit the ground running on day one of the work stoppage. Strom’s recruiting territory is not limited to a small area, rather from all over the U.S., with exact skill sets required by our clients.

Full-time recruiters of strike replacement labor – Strom has a full time recruiting staff that recruits only people who are skilled/experienced and supportive of crossing potentially hostile picket lines. Our philosophy is to ensure our workers’ main priority is to complete the project according to the requirements by our clients.

Supervisors trained in crossing picket lines – Local workers could potentially have to cross a violent picket line risking harm to their personal property. Using Strom’s workforce, crossing a picket line is made easier by driving in Strom personnel in Strom vehicles driven by picket line trained drivers who are familiar with the logistical challenges.

Strom workforce is more efficient – Our workforce is managed by a Strom Supervisor who acts as the liaison with company management. In most cases, a Strom workface can operate a facility with one-third less the workforce it takes the company to operate it. Many of the deployed Strom workforces have worked for Strom for years and our supervisors know the work habits and personalities of the individual workers. Supervisors handle all the daily management functions, time keeping, and human resources functions. To learn about how workforces from Strom can help, read more about the managed workforces we provide.